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The Crunch Bird

A wife buys her husband, Murray, a pet as a birthday gift. But Murray can't leave his business problems back at the office. The CRUNCH BIRD, who does as he is commanded, gives hubby something to remember. This short is an Oscar winning Academy Award animated cartoon. Guaranteed to leave you howling! (2:24)

Scene from "The Crunch Bird"

Crunch Bird II

A friendly little frog tries to make friends with all the beasts of the jungle. All goes nicely until he meets up with the CRUNCH BIRD. Hilarious, colorful and meaningful. (2:01)

(Bronze Medal winner, International Film Festival, US Virgin Islands, 1975; Selected, First Phillip Morris International Festival of Animation, 1976, Australia)

Scene from "Crunch Bird II"

The Mad Baker

A parody of Frankenstein films, in which a baker creates a huge chocolate cake that comes to life and eats its creator. Loaded with laughs and a moral to boot. (9:34)

Selected, 8th International Tournee of Animation; "...sheer looniness award should go to THE MAD BAKER" - Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times

Scene from "The Mad Baker"

The Golfer

A woman decides to take up the game of golf and plays her first round with an old duffer, who loves the game so much he plays all year round. A real screamer. (3:07)

Yetta, from "The Golfer"

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